Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate

Pipek is an AI-Powered Real Estate Appraisal for Appraisal Companies, Creditors, Property Insurers, and Real Estate Developers.

How It Works

Get instant real estate price prediction powered by big data and artificial intelligence.

Instant Price Prediction

You provide property project name, property type, or latitude/longitude — Pipek will return estimated sale prices instantly.

Our model learns from real estate database: 500k+ property classified ads, 6k+ real estate projects, and 100k+ to achieve the superb. 

Confidence Level

Pipek is smart enough to recognize unfamiliar properties and locations — so the AI engine can output confidence level of its predicted prices, letting you know that more data must be gathered in order to achieve more accurate appraisal. We know the estimate is too important to leave humans out of the loop.

Similar Properties

Provide a property project name and Pipek can return nearby properties with similar qualities so your appraiser can focus less on searching reference sites and more on human-intensive evaluations.


Cost Saving

Reduce the cost of appraisal process by leveraging available public data, save appraisers' data gathering time.

Customer Experience

Shortening service time and return price prediction faster -- drastically improve customer experiences.

Risk Management

Reduce a chance of appraisal price frauds by detecting and warning incomplete or incorrect information.

Get Started is Easy!

   Get started with Pipek to help improve your operations and customer service quality.