Product Manager

Product Manager

About the Team

The Inspectra platform is our AI for medical image platform with several modalities supported from Chest CXR and Mammogram. Our product consists of user interface which delivers AI reports to doctors, cloud and integration interface that maintains delightful customer experience and eases AI adoption, and strong algorithms that deliver accurate medical reports. Product team is in charge of ensuring that Perceptra is developing products and services that have high chance of success in the market and meet proper timeline, business requirements, and other KPIs as specified by the management team.

About the Position

Product Manager at Perceptra is a multi-disciplinary position. You will manage project requirements, expectations, timeline, and execution with external and internal stakeholders. You are required to understand deep technology across several domains: AI & Data Science, Software Engineering, Product Strategy, and Clinical Evaluation. This will enable you to communicate closely with the leading members of each of these teams, and together with them manage complex risks and identify opportunities for breakthroughs.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Communicate with management, medical partners, business partners and customers to gather and summarize requirements of the products.
  • Analyze competitor landscape, markets, competitive landscape.
  • Conceptualize product features that will position Perceptra as a strong player in the market. Drafting diagrams, spreadsheets, and slides that will convey the features as clear as possible for internal and external communication.
  • Define product development targets and milestones from model development to user interface to integration. Communicate with teams across departments about product goals and milestones.
  • Design the product management workflow, establish meeting protocols. Communicate across teams about meetings. Prepare agenda, confirm meetings, and host the meetings.
  • Keep track of product schedule, milestones, deliverables. Following up with designers, development and AI team on their progress.
  • Create executive summary report to communicate with management team and external partner. Work closely with each team lead to populate the report with meaningful data.


  • It’s great if you have degrees in computer science, engineering, or similar quantitative disciplines or an MBA, although it’s not required.
  • Strong analytical skills and critical thinking skills, an independent thinker.
  • Innovative and creative with the ability to engage with others emotionally.
  • Comfortable learning medical and engineering concepts and understand them for effective communication internally and externally.
  • You can manage highly distributed projects, controlling and being accountable for the execution of a vast array of time-sensitive tasks in parallel. You have the experience and passion for highly meticulous and thorough planning and execution of complex projects.
  • You have proven experience in project management (initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling).
  • Strong communication skills, writing, speaking in both English and Thai.
  • Strong organizational skills and high attention to details. Always on top of your tasks. Proactive and confident. Ready to apply healthy pressure to other team members.
  • Strong work ethics and management skills.