Customer Analytics Platform

CONDUIT delivers customer data lake, actionable insights, and predictive models that drive smart decisions.

How It Works

Build customer data lake instantly by integrating data from your existing online channels.

We brainstorm, prototype, and deploy business intelligence dashboards that fit your business.

Link online to offline data through smart id. Leave breadcrumbs through all customer journey.

Build predictive models and take actions to personalize your customer experience.

Customer Analytics Platform

Data Integration

Our platform gathers data from all your digital channels instantly, from website tracking to social media — covering 20+ common sources. Our best-practice configurations ensure a high-quality data collection.

Customer Insights

Connect online activities to your CRM and in-house data through our smart ID technology. Achieve 360-degree view of customers, and dig into factors that drive conversions along the whole journey. Full customer lifecycle analytics.

Business Intelligence

Data visualizations present clear views of your customer acquisition campaigns, from KPIs to ROI analysis. Jump start data-driven initiatives with our templates or customize dashboards to perfectly fit your needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Forecast your customers’ behaviors to drive proactive personalized campaigns. Take advantage of our predictive use case library and machine learning platform, drastically shortening deployment lead time.

Optimize & Automate
Customer Life Cycle Management

Accelerate and optimize your business decisions with Conduit’s data-driven approaches and artificial intelligence.

Are you ready to become an AI-driven enterprise?

Experience Agile Data Science

We live and breathe agile — which is the most frustration-free way to co-develop brilliant technology solutions. Agile approach organizes tasks into concise goal-oriented sprints, ensuring a custom fit outcome amidst evolving requirements.

Working agile means we are always on your side, not on the opposite side of a restricted contract. Agile methodology allows us to deliver real value every few weeks, showing consistent progress and helping your team achieve their KPIs.

We transfer knowledge and expertise to your people so they can continue maintaining and improving the technology we build. Enable non-IT business people to participate in digital revolution. Make work fun again.

Say goodbye to data silos and vendor lockdown. Say hello to a modular cloud ecosystem. To ensure you can adapt to changes and lower your cost in the long run, all solutions are built with the spirit of open-source and using cloud-based technologies.

No guesswork, no learning curve, and no long lead time. You can learn from our experience and be ready for data-driven innovation now.

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