Make your business process smarter with artificial intelligence, in minutes.

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

A platform of artificial intelligence products for healthcare, solving direct pain points for the healthcare industry.

Customer Data Analytics Platform

A platform providing end-to-end solutions on customer analytics from building a centralized data lake to generating actionable insights and predictive models that boost your business performance.

Real Estate Intelligence

An advanced tool to predict real estate appraisal valuation which helps shorten the appraisal process, improve customer experience, and improve valuation accuracy.


Get a customized solution to perfectly fit your business process with the field experts.

Customer Analytics

Predict customers behavior, take proactive actions, and deliver product recommendations.

Natural Language Processing

Instantly make sense of texts, from fuzzy cleaning to classifying sentiments and extracting information from raw natural texts.

Computer Vision

From object detection to character recognition, automatically analyze images with cutting-edge algorithms.


Many large corporates in different industries have leveraged our services and products to improve their digital strategies, optimize operations, and boost revenue.

Use cases

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Zero lead time

Deploy AI solutions in minutes, not months. Our solution is a truly plug-and-play service.

Low total cost of ownership

No hardwares nor headaches, free your IT team from developing and maintaining on-premise system.

Leverage ready-to-use algorithm

Use our tried-and-true algorithms and system architecture. Saving the cost and time of training models from scratch.

End-to-end solution

We deliver results from your data pipeline to enterprise endpoints, turning data into value in one solution.

Automatic upgrade

Make sure your AI is always updated with latest data and insights. Keep it smart forever.

World-class support

Pay-as-you-go support service so your system is fixed promptly when you need it, with low maintenance cost.

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